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The level of service you provide your customers matters across all channels, even when they return items. Smooth and efficient e-commerce reverse logistics and returns management helps build trust in your brand and improve customer satisfaction. If someone has a bad experience returning a product bought online, he or she may hesitate before buying from you again. On the other hand, making the returns process fast and easy increases the likelihood that you’ll retain his or her business in the future.

Fulfillment Queen is what is known as a full-circle fulfillment center. We not only process and ship your orders or projects, but we also handle their returns via reverse logistics services. Our team handles all your returns seamlessly — from an individual item to a full-change project.

Our automated warehouse management system tracks all orders as well as returns. By capturing Media Access Control (MAC) addresses and serial numbers, our system is able to follow items full circle. Fulfillment Queen shows you where your items have been and they have been.

Knowledge and Expertise Are Second to None

Putting your faith in an experienced 3PL provider means your company can focus on growth. With a wealth of expertise and in-place processes that are proven to work, we can deliver fast, efficient service that cuts down on lost inventory and consumer complaints. The Fulfillment Queen team thoroughly understands e-commerce reverse logistics, making our returns management solutions among the best in the business. As we receive each returned item, we perform a detailed inspection to determine if it should be returned to inventory for resale or recycled — all within 72 hours. 

Our warehouse management system records all relevant information, producing a complete history of each item — from inventory to consumer and back to warehouse for resale or recycling, in the case of returns. 

Why Use Fulfillment Queen Return Services?

Our goal is to create a positive returns experience for our clients and their customers. Toward that end, we make the returns process as painless as possible for everyone concerned. Plus, our ability to track returns allows our clients to reduce inventory levels, if needed, and facilitates future product planning and marketing efforts. 

Fulfillment Queen ably processes several types of returns:

Single-Order Returns from Customers. Perhaps the product was not what the customer expected, or it was defective and he or she does not wish to keep or exchange it. We accept the return and decide if the product will be resold or recycled. Maybe an item of clothing doesn’t fit and the customer wants to exchange it for another size. Whatever the reason, we accept returns and ship exchanges.

Full-Scale Returns from Commercial Businesses. If a project has changed or a product is failing in the marketplace and must be withdrawn, we accept the company’s returns, regardless of quantity. We even arrange for transportation from retailers to recyclers if needed.

When you work with us, you’ll be supporting a business that’s women-led, women-run and women-empowering.

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