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Order Fulfillment Services for Fast Growing Businesses

Making Fulfillment Easy for Your Business

The caring, women-led team at Fulfillment Queen takes the hassle out of fulfilling online orders. From timely and friendly customer service to tracking your packages and meeting your custom requirements, we keep it simple. And we make sure your customers’ expectations are met or exceeded!

While we serve larger companies looking for a new fulfillment partner, the majority of our companies are fast growing CPG businesses that need the personal attention that only a nimble, fast-moving company like Fulfillment Queen provides.

Clients Choose Us to Fulfill Various Needs

We offer diverse services to businesses seeking these types of fulfillment:

E-Commerce Fulfillment. This covers virtually everything involved in getting online orders from a manufacturer, distributor or retailer to the customer’s front door — quickly and cost-effectively. We receive your inventory, inspect and store it, process orders, pick items, pack boxes, transport the goods to their final destinations and handle returns — and offer a number of useful value-added services.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Fulfillment. In D2C transactions, products are sold directly to the consumer from the supplier — with no retailer or wholesaler in the middle. While D2C selling has lower barriers to entry and offers benefits to consumers (lower prices, better policies, etc.), D2C companies may find fulfilling large volumes of orders difficult. A good 3PL partner like Fulfillment Queen scales up when needed, helping to grow D2C brands.

Retail Fulfillment Services. Although e-commerce is the talk in the news, a few Retailers still command huge amounts of consumer purchasing. We will partner with you if you sell in places like Costco, Walmart, Target, Krogers, Meijers and many more retailers to fill your orders. Retailers demands can be difficult for fast growing brands to meet. With unpredictable sell through, you need a warehouse and fulfillment partner to be nimble to meet your on time delivery requirements (OTIF).

Fast Growing CPG Fulfillment. Fast growing CPG businesses benefit from working with a flexible, scalable,  third-party fulfillment company like Fulfillment Queen. Startups require quite of bit of personal support in the beginning. Our team of caring professionals has the ability to expand your business’ fulfillment services as required and the dedication to do whatever is needed to help clients meet delivery deadlines as their small businesses grow. While some 3PL fulfillment centers are reluctant to take on small or startup businesses, we enjoy helping them compete and succeed in the marketplace.

Subscription Box Fulfillment. Sellers who offer subscription boxes require a reliable, efficient fulfillment center to ensure that the packages are delivered to the customer on approximately the same day each month. Whether the box contains the same items or a curated assortment each month, Fulfillment Queen assembles and packages the right items and ships them on time, every time. We even offer custom packaging that favorably reflects your brand. Simply provide the inventory and detailed instructions, and we take it from there!

Why Use Our Fulfillment Queen Services?

We are a mission driven company dedicated to supporting working moms and women in the supply chain and logistics industry. We are women-led, women-run and women-empowering. We have the ability to provide any and all industry fulfillment services your business needs. We work closely with you from the beginning to understand your goals and create a strategy that helps you meet them. Whether you’re a busy mom or part of an established company seeking a new fulfillment partner, Fulfillment Queen is here to support you with excellent service for your unique order fulfillment needs.

If you’re ready to get started taking advantage of everything we have to offer, the process couldn’t be easier. Just reach out to us today and talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives to discuss your needs. We will develop a plan that fits your precise requirements and meets all your goals.

We are here and ready to take the complications out of fulfilling orders!