CPG Pick And Pack Fulfillment Services

Fast, dependable and caring fulfillment services can help your business scale and grow. Fulfillment Queen seeks to empower women-led businesses by offering consumer packed goods fulfillment.

Consumer packed goods (CPG) tend to be items used on a daily basis that consumers replenish often. These items may include household products, food, beverages, clothing, toiletries, makeup and other personal care goods. Many CPGs require fast and direct delivery in the shortest time possible, as consumers may order the same items every few days, weeks or months.

When obtaining CPG fulfillment from Fulfillment Queen, your company can expect supply chain solutions that are scalable to your present and future operations.

  • Direct-to-consumer third-party fulfillment solutions
  • Personal supply chain support for any stage of your business operations
  • Technology solutions to track and monitor shipments
  • Expandable services to meet delivery deadlines
  • Dedicated team who works with startups and small businesses to spur marketplace competition

Promoting CPG Growth With Fulfillment Solutions

Fulfillment Queen is women-run, women-led and women-empowering. We offer fulfillment solutions for those goods that are always in high demand. CPG orders may ebb and flow based on seasonal sales, targeted promotions or sudden customer trends.

Our services can fill any supply chain gaps to further boost your order fulfillment capabilities. We operate centrally located fulfillment centers to reach consumers across 95% of the country within 3-days from order placement using ground transportation services. Plus, our professional team manages the entire fulfillment process. We pick orders, pack them in optional customizable packaging, add shipping labels and ship them out the loading dock doors.

Why You Need Our CPG Fulfillment Solutions

Unlike other goods, CPGs need to reach their destinations in the shortest time frame possible to please consumers. Any hiccup in the supply chain could result in dissatisfied consumers who may choose to order products from another company.

With Fulfillment Queen, we can meet their high demands by having flexible pick and pack fulfillment services capable of reaching consumers within 3 days. Small and startup businesses often experience problems finding third-party fulfillment companies who will partner with them due to their size and inventory needs. Fulfillment Queen purposely works with startups and small businesses who are functioning with limited resources to empower them to reach greater business success.

Fulfillment Queen: Women-Run Ecommerce Fulfillment

Fulfillment Queen was founded in 2012 with a specific mission in mind: We want to help ecommerce companies by offering caring and empowering order fulfillment services that align with their ideals and operations. We strive to help working women and working mothers become a force in the marketplace with our product fulfillment services. Fulfillment Queen is Women-Led, Women-Run and Women-Empowering as our ecommerce fulfillment centers and logistical strategies help CPG companies scale and grow their brands.

Want to learn more about our CPG fulfillment solutions, or need a fulfillment center for your small business operations? Get in touch with one of our representatives today.