Subscription Box Fulfillment Services

Congratulations! Customers are seeing the ads for your fabulous subscription boxes that deliver monthly goodies directly to their homes. Your subscription membership sales are increasing every day!

You’re in good company because subscription boxes are hugely popular right now. Hundreds of subscription boxes that are filled with unique contents targeting niche demographics of consumers — from cosmetics aficionados to pet enthusiasts — are packed and shipped to tens of thousands of homes throughout the United States every day. Some boxes ship weekly, while others ship monthly and quarterly. We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love finding a nice surprise package on their doorstep on a regular basis.

We know it’s also a big deal for your partner manufacturers and suppliers to have their products included in your subscription box programs. Your subscription boxes give customers opportunities to experience new products that they might not find anywhere else. This makes your client partners and suppliers just as important as your customers in your subscription box supply and fulfillment chain. Your success means their success.

However, those increasing sales might present new challenges, such as:

  • Not having enough reliable warehouse staff to keep up with the continuous demand of your subscription box fulfillment.
  • Sales that peak as soon as your social media ads hit, but then scale down during the remainder of the month. This means you might not have enough work to justify hiring more staff on an ongoing basis.
  • Contents that are customizable, leading to packing errors during subscription fulfillment. This can result in returned shipments, lost money and time, and unhappy customers and product partners — especially if your contents have expiration dates.
  • Rushed fulfillment that could lead to poor packing. You don’t want customers posting photos of your “delivery fails” on their influential social media accounts.
  • Delayed shipments, which can result in expedited shipping and increased costs.
  • Being overburdened with fulfillment to the point that you cannot customize the messaging to your recipients. A personal touch is one of the selling points that many customers enjoy about subscription boxes.

So, how can you face these challenges? Fulfillment Queen can help.

Subscription Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Queen is a conscientious, women-led team dedicated to making the fulfillment of your subscription boxes one less thing for you and your staff to worry about. Letting Fulfillment Queen handle inventory management and your packing and shipping logistics can allow you to concentrate on advancing your business and building relationships with new partners rather than micromanaging a warehouse. Fulfillment Queen is:

  • A nimble, customer-focused team that is especially suited for female executives, women entrepreneurs and “mompreneurs.”
  • At home in our 86,000 sq. ft. e-commerce fulfillment center located in the central United States, within three-day ground transportation of 95% of the U.S. population. With us, there’s no need to have multiple warehouse sites throughout the country.
  • Equipped to integrate with your website and your product partners.
  • Experienced — we currently carry 15,000+ SKUs for our clients.
  • Proud of our 99.89% inventory accuracy rate and our 99.99% on-time delivery record.
  • Looking forward to the future, especially after handling 1.2 million pieces picked and 120,000+ shipments made in 2019.

Fulfillment Queen is Women Led. Women Run. Women Empowering. Don’t entrust your subscription box fulfillment services to anyone less. Get started with Fulfillment Queen now.